Whether you're short on time, or hate the mess of ground coffee, this one-cup wonder is the perfect answer for you!


Makes a perfect add-on to any gift too.


Simply pop the bag into your cup, top with hot water, just off the boil and brew for three minutes. Give the bag a nice big squeeze with a spoon and remove.

Add sugar and milk to your preference.


Weight: 8g - enough for one cup of coffee

Packaging: Outer wrapper is widely recycled. Coffee bag and contents are compostable


The Coffee

100% Arabica, Single Origin Fairtrade Colombian coffee, well-rounded with notes of caramel and hazelnut, a full satisfying cup that is naturally sweet in flavour and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 


Who Is Kingdom Coffee

Kingdom Coffee was founded in 1998 to promote Fairtrade and fairness.

20 years on they continue to deliver products that are Fairtrade, ethical, sustainable and high quality.

With a large range of Fairtrade coffee blends to choose from, Kingdom Coffee is sourced from almost every coffee producing country in the world, roasted on site, in Reading.

Fairtrade Columbian One Cup Coffee

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