Who We Support

The Mayak Foundation

The Mayak Foundation works to help people out of human trafficking and exploitation and to protect through education initiatives.

'Mayak' is Russian for 'lighthouse'. They work to light the way out of human trafficking and exploitation. Both directly and through committed support to carefully selected local Russian partners, they: support women exiting exploitation, especially sex trafficking, and connect them to shelters and restoration programmes; empower and train those at highest risk of being trafficked, equipping them for safe, independent adult life; and fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases among survivors of trafficking & exploitation. In addition, Mayak work to educate the public in Russia and the UK about modern day slavery and to build active communities passionate in the fight against it.

Be Blessed donates 10% of our profits to Mayak through our parent company, The Cheshire Soap Co.

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